Auto Suspension Parts: Know Your Vehicle

Roulette is one of the simplest and most fun games of chance to play. How many times have you thought to yourself that having your own roulette wheel in your home would be fun? Now that dream can come true because there are a number of roulette machines you can choose from that will fit anyone’s pocket book.

If it is your strut it may be leaking causing the same noise. I would recommend stopping by a good front end shop in your neck of the woods Bushings and Plain Bearings ask them to locate the noise by finding the culprit.

If you fish only occasionally, a cheaper reel may last for you. If you fish a lot, I would buy a reel that has at least five or more ball bearings. Some have as many as ten bearings and their price reflects the higher number.

I measured the wheels on my locomotive and the wheels are 12mm in diameter, which scales out at 42″. I suspect you need replacement wheels from Bachmann, rather than a substitute set from another manufacturer, for two reasons. The axles are fairly thick and are held in place by two metal bars. Thinner axles would not be held in place and might need Plain Sleeve Bearing.

Place the bottom cover onto the frame and fasten the plate with the original screws. With the gearbox yet to be assembled on the main gear, place the frame on a test track. Gently run the frame and wheels up and down the track checking for any binding. If so, readjust the wheel set until they move freely and recheck on the test track.

Selecting a deck is much more than just choosing the design on the bottom. There are different components to consider when looking for a deck. The first to consider is the size of the deck. Deck sizes can range from 29″ or smaller to 32.4″ and up. The way to choose your deck size is based on your height. The shorter you are the smaller your deck will be in length. Decks also come in different width sizes. This size all depends on how big your feet are. The wider your feet are the wider your deck will be.

I own a ’91 Chevy S10 pickup, 4-cylinder. The oil gauge goes spastic at times. Also, the pressure runs low on the gauge when it isn’t acting up. Finally, nearly every time the vehicle turns left I hear this loud popping, clunking sound. Any idea what that could be?

With it all back together, the slippage and the noise was completely gone. In the process of removing and reinstalling the transmission we also swapped the old fluid for synthetic. Scott says the shifting is greatly improved in the old transmission.

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